Monday, March 23, 2009

A Stepehen Sprouse in real life :>

My godmother has one of these. I just saw it in real life yesterday and it was beautiful.
I never thought I'd see a Stephen Sprouse collection in real life, you know, like out of the shelves of a Louis Vuitton Store? :))

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Just Graduated!

Now it's time for us to have fun in the sun because summer is here.

I've created a long list of things to do and buy during this summer and I realized I need a new wardrobe:))

One day= I was trying to dress up and realized that the clothes that were hanging right in front of me was...awful. I stared at them, wanting so much to tear and shred them into little pieces. I've realized I've grown and my sense of style has upgraded. The clothes there in my closet was for (in my brother's choice of words) "teeny boppers" :P I think I'm gonna throw-up. It was nasty. I need a new wardrobe and FAST!!! But if only I had the money... I could do it in a snap.

So I shall take baby steps and figure out what clothes I need to buy. But first for my inspirations:))

First up: Iekelienne Stange

Second: Kate Lanphear

Third and Fourth: Irina Lazareanu

Fifth(my inspiration and my new idol after watching CNN Revealed): Carine Roitfeld

Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Post :)

From what I've learned from my awesome English teacher, the first lines of a book defines the whole story.
What I'm going to do for my first post ever to show you guys what I love the it is :) I hope you guys like it :)