Friday, July 30, 2010

Light at the end of the road.

Light at the end of the road.


My brother bought these in Hong Kong. It's like a hybrid of Keds and Espadrilles. :D

And we ate Escargot that night

In simpler words....Kumain kami ng Cohol. =))

PHOTO52 When I ate at Barrio Fiesta.

PHOTO52 When I ate at Barrio Fiesta.

10 Things I Hate About You.

My brother bought this in a Rockwell Bazaar. Sooo..yeah. :))

Tie of the Graduate.

Sleeves of the Graduate.

Hanicap Sign.

Oh the randomness. :))


Yes, I have a fond of bikes. I want one and I love taking photos of them :))

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bong. Graduated.


Look Up.

Marchin' On.


Shadows., Out and About.

My Brother's About To Graduate Here. :))

Shirt is Topman :>

PHOTO51 I Went to School Looking Like This. :D

Alternative Apparel DIY cut-off, Hanes shirt (inside), Philippe Stein watch, tailor-made pants, and Tod's shoes.

PHOTO50 My outfit way back when...with Mi Hermano. :))

Panama hat from Summersault, Bag is Vintage Christian Dior, and Glasses are from Topshop.

Shirt is Ralph Lauren and shoes are Tod's

Mi HERMANO!!! :))

Mountain Bike. OBVIOUSLY.

My brother inspires me to move my ass 'cause he is an athletic person. He tells me his dream is to be a Tri-athlete. I was like, "Foshizzle?!" (ok, I lied, no that was not my reaction) but yeah, you get the picture. =))

But yeah, he still inspires me to move my ass.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Have Finally Given The Second Generation Skins Cast Some LOVIN!

Though I still have much love for the first cast, CASSIE *coughcough* oh and SID :))
I have started to love the second gen when I started watching Season 4. I have started to give some respect for Cook but my faves so far are Emily and Naomi. =))))

YES, those two. I love their relationship coz it's not TOO fucked up...if ya know what I mean. *EFFY FUCKED UP COUGHCOUGH* So yeah... Cook is ayt now but he's too much of a rebel/wreck for me, but don't get me wrong, he can be good sometimes so he's got my sympathy. Effy and Freddie, their relationship (as far as I am in season 4) is like going downhill coz Effy is so fucked up on drugs and alcohol. JJ is...well...JJ being all coockoo and shiz but he can still be cute at times, yeah?. Thomas and Pandora, well I used to like them but now I just hate Thomas after what he did to Panda *feeliing close ako* =)) Katie is just, not my type, argh...kaasar siya grabeh and...I guess that' I missing anyone else?

:'> Kilig talaga ako for Emily and Naomi.:))

Saturday, July 17, 2010


My "editing" skills is soooo amateur. I apologize. :)))

PHOTO49 What I Wore to Philippine Fashion Week

Jean jacket thrift store, White t-shirt Hanes, Vintage belt, Jeans from Topshop, Golden Oxford shoes from Topshop, Key Necklace from Greenhills Tiangge, Watch Phillip Stein.


Michael Cinco

Photo by my brother, Bong.

This Reminds Me of...

Memoirs of a Geisha, no?

Photo by Bong.

She's So Thiiinnn I'm gonna diiieee!!! :))

Photo by Bong.

Pretty. :D

OOOoohhh, Look What I Found...The Dress in Magkaribal =))

The dress that Bea Alonzo wore(?) or will wear(?) in the teleserye Magkaribal! It's Michael Cinco's pala.

Photo by Bong.

Apparently, I am attracted to these fans

Photo by Bong

Details. Details. Details.

Photo by Bong.

I dunno why but....

This one reminds me of Lady Gaga. Maybe it's coz of the fans on her head worn as accessories. Maybe lang naman. :))

Photo by Bong


Strike a pose!

Do your thing!

And leave...

It was the best among the rest. Once again, sorry for the late uploads...studies go first. :))

Photo by Bong

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stumbled Upon.

So, later na muna for the continuation of my Michael Cinco photos beacuase apparently, I don't have time to edit them since I have school. For now, I give you a blog that I stumbled upon via tumblr.

The blog is called Knighttcat and as I was about to close the tab, the header of the blog caught my attention...

DARIA WERBOWY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Who could say no to some of that?! Hahaha. We all have to admit, she IS HOT. So I googled her name and found out how to pronounce her name and discovered that you say it like this: Dariya Verbova

Now we know, don't we? Just so you know, from my very anonymous source(wikipedia), she is from Ukraine. WOW. *drools at her*

ANYHOOO, so after seeing the header, I decided to check the blog out. As my mom would say "Wala namang mawawala eh", so I took my time scrolling downwards and found the blog very interesting. This bag got to me. It's the bag that sold the blog to me. When I saw the bag I knew I had to put Knightcat on my "Blogs to Follow" list.

This is an editorial from zippora seven and bambi northwood-blyth
by bec parsons via tfs

This one is from Evil Twin. I love it!!! It reminds me of Fashiontoast aka Rumi Neely who has awesome fashion taste!!! I LOVEEE HERRR. Lately she's been inspiring me which is weird coz I never really liked Bohemian shizzz (which I think is her style) mixed with some rock and roll shiz. Oh and another thing I love about her, she is the only one who can pull off the headwrap thing sooooo AWESOMELY!!! :)))

All photos from Knighttcat.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Step TWO!

Step 2: Bend in the middle of the catwalk and reach for the hem of your skirt and...KAPOW!!! =)))

Flip your skirt over your head and wow us all with what had just happened. A skirt had just turned into a KIMONO!!! :O One outfit had just turned into another! WOW. JUST WOW.

Photo by Bong.

Edited by me.

Favorite Piece!

The most fave piece in the whole collection of Michael Cinco. What a shocker it was. A way to shock/impress people, STEP 1: Walk slowly to the center of the catwalk.

Photo by Bong.

Edited by me.