Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Things I'd Like To Wear...

Proenza Schouler studded biker boot
Manolo Blahnik feather trimmed bootie
Giambattista Valli satin ankle boot
Christian Louboutin suede hidden double platform ankle boot with golden closures
Bruno Frisoni patent and suede side-tie bootie

I would like to wear one of these shoes to a debut/party of a friend. If only I could buy these shoes, I would be a really happy girl:)) LOLS.

Credit to style.com for the accessory report:)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Shoes and Leather Jackets

I am loving Childhoodflames' awesome shoes. She said it came from Etsy a shop I guess. But I'm lovin it and I wish I could go there:)

I am also lovvin' Karen O's LEATHER JACKET!!!!!! I died when I saw the video 'ZERO'. I loved the scene where she danced above the car. :>

Thursday, April 16, 2009

My outfit the night I went out to party with Je

MY OUTFIT: TOPSHOP BLAZER(GOT IT 50% OFF, lucky eh? And it was the last one left and my mom even forced me to buy it) . MY MOM'S RED SLEEVELESS TOP. PANTS FROM TIANGGE. SHOES BOUGHT IN ROCKWELL TIANGGE.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Gone with the wind

LOL, that could be me someday=)) kidding. That's Gail Devers who is said to be one of the greatest women runners

My brother is cconcious with his body lately because a.) he has a girlfriend b.) he's going to bora in a few weeks (i think) and one faithful and boring day, he invited me to go jogging with him inside their campus. So I said yes to give it a try and not be a couch potato all day long:))

That night, we went to the campus and I jogged with my two brothers. I jogged my ass off that night=))

The next day my body ached the moment I woke up from my deep slumber due to jogging of what seems to be almost 8km.(my brother estimated) I've had two other "sessions" and I repeatedly died every TIME 8-

But today, I decided to take a path on my own and leave my brother and my Uncle to go have their own route. We parted ways and decided to meet up after a round of a jog where we parked.

Surprisingly, I didn't die this night:))

The only thing that I heard was my footsteps hitting the streets of Ateneo and my heavy breathing which seems to be making a good beat inside my head:)) Oh and the voice in my head that kept me going and wanting more...

My brain kept telling me, "My enemy is myself" O_O Whut?! did I just say that?!?!?!

Ikr? Unbelievable but it did work :D LOLS. I had a blast this session and I hope to have more fun:))

Thursday, April 9, 2009

See what I mean about Balmain...

The blog jakandjil.com said the same thing about Balmain the next day I posted my thoughts about it.


Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My love for Balmain...

I know its too late to blog about this but even up to now I can't seem to remove the images of Balmain's Fall 2009 Ready-to-Wear Collection:>

And the blazers are to die for...I'm still wishing I could own one of those... If only I could afford them.*sigh* And even upto now I am craving for blazers... mmmmmm...Ever since then, Christophe Decarnin has been one of my favorite designers and Balmain as one of the brands I'll be having a good look out on.

Photos from stye.com and garancedore.fr

Monday, April 6, 2009

The List

I've created a list of the things that I would like to buy this summer. Unfortunately, I am not born into a wealthy family. :)) All I can do now is dream... :))

-dresses(yes. DRESSES)


-New guitar strings(i'm just waiting for my old ones to snap)


-sandals(yes, its summer, my feet just can't take the heat of the sun. LOLs)

-Skirts(yes, SKIRTS as well. I just feel like it)

-shorts(Coz all of my shorts are overly worn EVERY SINGLE WEEK:)) )

-New lens CANON(50mm, just coz I want to)

-Unipins(coz its either I lose them or I don't have an ink anymore)

-Hats(some jason mraz hat would do justice for a cool summer ;) )

-Vans (high cut whatever or not, anything would be fine, basta orig.)

-New football(coz mine is stuck on our roof and i can't reach it)

-Fred Perry shoes! ;)

-a cool bag for summer(one that would fit all of my necessary belongings :)) )



-cool necklaces

-cool sneakers

-cool vintage finds

-a rare and awesome book

-Kurecolors(for my drawings)

-lens cleaner

-any camera accessory

-mountian/old school bike


-longboard:> (i'll figure using this one out when i get one)

*DONATIONS are very much appreciated. :)) LOL. Kidding. Although... I might just consider it if you are willing;) =))

Sunday, April 5, 2009

All-Time LOW :|

Well, i never saw this one coming... I am at my all-time low and i've never felt anything like this before.

I was, shall we say, drained to the bone. I have lost my lust on wearing something 'cool'.
Was it because of my hormones, maybe. my period is coming up so that could be a reason.
Or could it be that i have just lost it? The love for wearing things in a fashionable manner...If that's the case then i am scared.

I no longer think of the future, what my attire should look like when i get out, I prefer going out with t-shirts and jeans that are worn..."NORMALLY" (DUNDUNDUUUUNNNN!!!) GAH, WHAT HAVE I BECOME????

Or could it be that i'm just having the "mean reds"??? In that case I need to do something. If Holly Golightly goes to Tiffany's for a "pick-me up" session, i need something too.

What better way to cure the "mean reds" than to go on a shopping spree:)) that would cheer me up. Now, if only i had the money...:))