Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Uhhh...This is What I Wore Yesterday. PHOTO30

OOOOooohhhh..look ma! I'm glowing!!!

I guess I've made...


You can tie it around your waist..just make sure you don't look jologs...

Kick that football!
You can wear it on your shoulders just like what Anna Wintour would do with furs=))

Or just hold it over a shoulder of yours like that...

Or just wear an awesome shirt like this! :)) I SUPER LOVE THIS SHIRT AND I AM THINKING OF BUYING ANOTHER ONE..But then again...baka thousands na siya since there's no more sale. GAAAHHHH. Supersoftincredibleshirt! I love you Alternative Apparel shirt!

PS. The last one did not make sense. :))

Uhhh... I Think This Is What I Wore Last Friday PHOTO29

Oi! I didn't know my bra could be seen! :))

Jacket from Ukay, Plain White Tee is Hanes (super soft=love), Rosary from France(?) or some place in Europe, Shoes are Chuck Taylor's

Look ma! I'm a plane!!!!
I was in a really bad mood that day (PHYSICALLY) so I decided to wear something simple and comfy...although...I wear really comfy shiz when I go to school so there's nothing new really. :\

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Denim Shirts Are All The Rad Right Now! Photo28

Denim shirt is from Ukay, tights/leggings/whatever is Topshop, shoes are from Topshop as well.
It's true! Teen Vogue says so! Anyhoo...is it just me or are my collar bones showing na?! =)) OK. Nikki. Stop it. NOW. You're getting way in over your head. Surely it's just your imagination! =))

I love denim shirts! I wore this to school today and mind you...on the way home it was pretty HOTTT! But thank goodness when I got picked up from Betty Go station, a car was waiting for me with the air-con in full blast! NO PROBLEMO THERE JOSE :))

I got this denim shirt from an ukay store which I really go to a lot...just because its near my place and easy to go to. But I've got to be really honest, that place is really expensive for an ukay store. One day I dream to be in an ukay store that sells awesome shiz for only a two-digit price. But for now, I have to be satisfied with that easy-access ukay store. :<

Anyways, no regrets on buying that denim shirt and a Uniqlo shirt I found which I wore in my previous entry. :) At least its WAAAYYY CHEAPER than a Zara denim shirt that costs about a thousand or two. :D

Tie That Old Blue Plaid Shirt Around My Waist. Photo28

V-neck t-shirt by UNIQLO, Plaid shirt tied on my waist is vintage Ralph Lauren(its my momma's)

Topshop jeans and Converse Chuck Taylor

So once again, I am late for posting my outfits :/ I didn't wear it today... but yesterday. Well, lately I've seen guys and girls (mostly in the cool countries) do this so I decided, why can't I?

OHOHOH! I also bought that gray v-neck shirt in an ukay store!!! And its UNIQLO BITCHEZ! :)) You can tell its real coz of the tag/label it has inside the shirt! :> HAPPYHAPPY :D

PS. I apologize for the "angas" look on the second photo. Let's just think its my BITCH FEZ. :)

What I Wore Last Sunday. Photo27

Tee is from Alternative Apparel

Vest is from Tiangge

Leggings/tights(or whatever you call it, I dunno, I'm confused) from Topshop

Necklace is actually a rosary, Watch is Philip Stein, Glasses are from Tiangge
So I went to church wearing this!!! :)) I wanted to wear my newly bought ALTERNATIVE APPAREL t-shirt which I seriously fell in love with the moment I wore it. It was SUPER SOFT and SUPER LIGHT! I loved it.

For an "imported" brand, it was cheap coz I bought it for like 800pesos lang. :) I fell in love with it so much I decided to just sleep in it!!! :))

Eh, it's super soft kasi eh...you can't blame me! :))

OHOH! And notice that I have the rosary on my neck! :)) I didn't brush my hair pa kasi I felt like a rebel, ok? =))

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Black and white outfit

My Rosary

Shoes that I bought in Cubao Expo with Mara and the Topshop jeans my mom bought me! :)

What I Wore Yesterday. Photo26

Blazer is from Ukay, Skirt is from UnaRosa, Shirt is from my momma.

Monday, January 11, 2010

An Adventure That's Not Really An Adventure.

So, a few days ago, me, Mara, and Wis decided to go on an adventure. We didn't have a car to go to places so we decided to commute. Here's Mara's first time in the Araneta Cubao platform and Wis was our guide. :))

Here's Mara surviving the LRT commute and we arrived safely sa Mcdo. Wis wanted to trike but I said it was just near, which I will still say that IT IS. :))
Here's Wis surviving the "LONG" walk.
And while waiting for Andrea, some old schoolmates of our were there and offered to buy a cookie for 25 pesos. Julia and Sab Abis was there and there was no other option than to buy a cookie from her. We couldn't say NO daw. 8-|

But the cookie was yummy naman daw, so not bad.

When we saw Andrea, she couldn't find us in the little Mcdo of Katipunan and we were laughing at her for that. We then decided to go to Ateneo since Andrea had to pass something daw and we saw Danica Duguran and she had to meet up with Mau.

When we entered Ateneo, the guard and I had eye contact.(which obviously shows that we are guilty) But then we pretended we didn't hear him when he tried to stop us. :))

We sort of got lost kasi naman, Andrea took us to a longer way than to a short cut. It was her school pa naman, tsktsktsk. She has no sense of direction :))

Then we had to leave for the sale in Shang so we had to go out. We refused to go out of the same way we went in because the guard tried to stop us but we didn't stop..sooo we decided to trike our way out of Ateneo.
Mara sat sa "baby chair" ng trike. :)) Then we went to Bo's Coffee and waited for Wis' (I dunno) boyfriend? Or whatever their relationship may be and Mang Rodel came to the rescuuueee!!! :)) We went to Shang for the sale but I didn't like anything so Mara was the one who bought something sa The Gap. :| :)) And Mara and Mang Rodel took us home. :)


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Old Photographs

I went to Cubao X yesterday hoping to look for some good finds. I saw this in Cubao X in one of the vintage stores there, and he was a really kind man. His name is Tony by the way.

This clearly reminded me of The Sartorialist's recent blog entry about the fashionable people in the old photographs that he saw. I wanted to buy one but first thought, "Do I really need this? Where will I use it?" A smart thing to think about, so I didn't buy some.

Monday, January 4, 2010


So I chose two photos for my 365 Days project because I wore the same jeans for two straight days. =)) I didn't get to use it that much naman the first day so I decided to use it again. So that's the result.

The jeans is cool because it has zippers at the hem of the legs. :> Cool eh? I first saw one from a Keds ad and ever since then, I've always wanted one. :)) Now I have one! Need to go get some more! :)) Looking for some acid-washed jeans nga eh...and some ripped jeans too! :)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Holy Macaroni, It's Missoni!!! :))

Missoni has teamed up with Converse to create the classic High Tops that they are known for!!! Even though its for guys, I would buy one of those!!! I like the first one rather than the black :))

Photo came from Status Magazine.

January 1. (PHOTO 24)

First day of 2010, so far...so good.

Went to High Street today... saw Bea Vega and her adorable mom(I think) who was kind enough to say Happy New Year to me and my momma. :) 

Hate that there were tons of people there but adored the dogs that roamed...here's one that I really love! So cute! We were watching some dude show some lame tricks (except for the cute 'play dead' thing) with his K-9. 

This adorable Chow-chow looks like a fucking teddy bear!!! :<>