Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Uhhh...This is What I Wore Yesterday. PHOTO30

OOOOooohhhh..look ma! I'm glowing!!!

I guess I've made...


You can tie it around your waist..just make sure you don't look jologs...

Kick that football!
You can wear it on your shoulders just like what Anna Wintour would do with furs=))

Or just hold it over a shoulder of yours like that...

Or just wear an awesome shirt like this! :)) I SUPER LOVE THIS SHIRT AND I AM THINKING OF BUYING ANOTHER ONE..But then again...baka thousands na siya since there's no more sale. GAAAHHHH. Supersoftincredibleshirt! I love you Alternative Apparel shirt!

PS. The last one did not make sense. :))

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