Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Denim Shirts Are All The Rad Right Now! Photo28

Denim shirt is from Ukay, tights/leggings/whatever is Topshop, shoes are from Topshop as well.
It's true! Teen Vogue says so! it just me or are my collar bones showing na?! =)) OK. Nikki. Stop it. NOW. You're getting way in over your head. Surely it's just your imagination! =))

I love denim shirts! I wore this to school today and mind you...on the way home it was pretty HOTTT! But thank goodness when I got picked up from Betty Go station, a car was waiting for me with the air-con in full blast! NO PROBLEMO THERE JOSE :))

I got this denim shirt from an ukay store which I really go to a lot...just because its near my place and easy to go to. But I've got to be really honest, that place is really expensive for an ukay store. One day I dream to be in an ukay store that sells awesome shiz for only a two-digit price. But for now, I have to be satisfied with that easy-access ukay store. :<

Anyways, no regrets on buying that denim shirt and a Uniqlo shirt I found which I wore in my previous entry. :) At least its WAAAYYY CHEAPER than a Zara denim shirt that costs about a thousand or two. :D

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