Thursday, July 30, 2009

Editorials of ALT <3

Amazing editorials aren't they? It inspires you, amazes you, and makes you drool :))

BTW...I am pissed coz today, my shoes broke... :|

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


She is freakin AWESOME!!!! I LOVE HER!!! Her name is Emmanuelle Alt, The Fashion Director of French Vogue. Look at her Editorials and you'll see that she is a genius!:))

Her style is another thing that's amazing about her. She usually wears black and white and yet you never get tired of her. She rare;y smiles in photographs but she looks so awesome!!!

Here she is with Hedi Slimane <3

With her boss, the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF FRENCH VOGUE, Carine Roitfeld <3
They look like sisters don't they? So cute!!!

She has amazing legs!!!! I go green with envy!!! LOLS

She doesn't dress her age, but she still pulls it off! I want to be like her when I get old! I must start filling my wardrobe monochromatic colors=))

The photo on the right is when she was in Chanel, and she was shot by The Sartorialist <3

You can't help but admire the girl. I want to meet her someday=)) But for now...I must learn how to speak french!!! =))

Starting with my blog!!!

"ces't la vie, cerise" means "That's life, cherry" in case you guys don't get it...that's my url :))

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ok. UKAY day today. :D

My day started nicely because I saw my friend Marianne when I was about to drop off at Vito Cruz. We made beso-beso and I went off to SDA. Then when I got to SDA I worked on my drawings and I saw this man enter the LRC who was wearing an awesome blazer. I couldn't help but check out his outfit (resulting to the photo up above, sorry, my reflexes are slow. HAHAHA) See that man on the upper left side of the photo above, that's him with his awesome blazer.

Next was BIBSTUD(Bible Study) and Cham wanted to try my fake glasses so I lent it to her. She looks nerdy/geeky but VERY CUTE might I add:))
THEN WITH LUCK ON OUR SIDE/ Rainbeau's birthday! Sir Nuguid, our Algebra teacher was ABSENT!!!! =)) I jumped for joy when we found out:> So we went to the plaza in CSB Main to eat some pizza that Rain bought for us.

Here's Patmai and Maddee...I liked Maddee's outfit by the way...I love it with the aviators. THEN, Marga and I waited for like an hour and a half for MARA to COME OUT!!! 8-| hehehe...Then off to UKAY-UKAY(thrift store?)

Mara said she didn't understand what was written on this certain shirt that she found...and when she raised it, Marga and I panicked. It was a Comme des Garcons t-shirt. But then Marga checked the tag and had doubts...then I checked it, then I had doubts...then I said to check the spelling of the shirt and Marga agreed that it was a false alarm:))

Look at Mara(photo above holding the shirt) looking so confused=))

When I got home, I got these... :>

An awesome "tweed" jacket (at least I think its a tweed jacket)

I love the colors of the collar and sleeves...which kind of (for me) reminded me of Fred Perry
You may not see it in the photo but IRL, this photo reminded me of Balmain:> Except, WAY CHEAPER AND LESS REVEALING LIKE THIS ... I like the medals...but when I got home, I realized THAT it wasn't that worth it. :|

AND this when I get to have my longboard na...hopefully I will remember to wear this when I first ride my very own longboard:> *drools*

All in all, I spent 650 for all of these shirts. Whaddya think? Was 650 worth it for all these shirts?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I was inspired by him...and his GWAPO-NESS:)) ("handsomeness") I mean could he be any cuter??? Check him out y'all. AND!!! He's not rude coz he replied to me TWICE on TWITTER!!!! :)) And have I told you that he is Swedish? Who knew there were gwapo Swedish men? :))

OH, and his name is Pascal Grob. CUTE! :>

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Palanca For My Best Friend!!!

This entry is for my best friend! She asked for one and I'm giving her one:> This photo above are my friends when we were young(second year). We look so "nene" here...and yes our group(right) is called the Tapa Girls:)) *sigh* I miss that...and our "rivals" (not serious bout the rivalry part) is called Threesome. hehehe.
That's my best friend Joyce (right, nearest girl in the photo) :)) She is one hell of a friend because whatever I tell her, she listens AND she comforts AND we've been friends since we were in Grade 4. I can tell her anything and she tells me anything.

We ALMOST like the same things and whatever faults I have, she doesn't care, she tells me what to do to make it better. She never judged me for who I am or what I do. She is a kind and awesome person who always (and NEVER fails) to make me laugh. She is one girl who loves to dance to party music, but never wants to drink or smoke(WHICH IS DEFFINITELY A GOOD THING!!!)

Oh. And her dad was my dad's classmate in UE which is awesome!!! :))

ILY Joyce!!! IMY TOO!!!! I hope you had an awesome Recollection!!!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Oh My God I Can't Believe It!





I apologize for the use of my camera in my iphone:| I didn't really want to use that, but since all my options are gone...I just had to use it:\

I saw...

A man who looked like Faris Rotter of THE HORRORS when I rode the LRT today. Like Whoa! He was standing right next to me and he was TALL. And He had the nose and eyes and all and I could not stop myself from looking at that man:O I was in awe...

Seeing him made me want to listen to The Horrors at that moment tuloy:)) hehehe...

Except, that man that I saw had the hair of the Tekken character. Who was that again? The main character in Tekken who had the wings??? =)) He looked like that:)) Imagine THAT!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Rainy Day.

That's Alex Smith. One of my closest friends and longest friends I've ever had. She is awesome and I love her *wink* I miss her as well*wink* and HAPPY BIRTHDAY *WINK.WINK* =)) I am sorry that I forgot your birthday and remembered my other friend's birthday:( I really feel like a jackass, ok? I'm sorry:<

BTW, Thank you once again for accepting me in your home, and you even fed me. Hehe...thank you for tolerating my bangagness that day. Or any other day. And thank you for not letting me commute home and just accepting me...Thank you to your driver as well.
Thank you for showing me different kinds of songs like this one...try to read it and it says "vagina" song. You also showed me the counter part of it(if you know what I mean *wink*) I THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH FOR WAITING FOR ME TO LEAVE EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE SO SLEEPY NA. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!

These were my shoes when I got home. They were soaking wet:|

But this was what I got when I got picked up at Alex's place. A half-empty box of ROYCE... mmmmm yumyumyum!!!! I fell asleep when I got home, t'was a really tiring day. :))

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gossip Makes It All Better.

Brace(Guitarist, bassist, and keys) Beth (Vocals) Hannah ( Drums)

Meet Gossip. An American band that I really love. They were the one comforting me when I was an epic fail yesterday sooo....Thank you Beth Ditto!

Beth and Hannah are lesbians. Yes, Hannah is the one on the right, and YES that person is a girl. Who knew, right? :)) But they are an awesome band, awesome live. I saw them in Fashion Rocks and I think they played for either Chanel or Christopher Kane:>

And I warn you, google them or Beth and you'll see her naked...which makes her such a kick-ass person, and she eats squirrels:)) SERIOUSLY. SHE DOES. :O But she looks like a kind person, check out her interviews in youtube:>


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Emma Watson...What happened to you?!

OHMYEFFINGOD...Emma Watson, what happened to you?! Could you be any prettier?!?

I heart this ad campaign for Burberry! I wanna see it on the huge board of the Burberry store in Greenbelt. It will be AWESOME!!! :)) (is it already posted there? I WONDER... Mmmmmm)

Or maybe it's just the awesome work of Mario Testino? :))

Shits. :O

I am in awe :O

Could you be any prettier? :))

That is just sooooo... FIERCE!!! =))

Oh just a normal day....

Soooo....NEALNEALNEALNEALNEAL =)) My friend Neal just winked at me, doesn't he have THE MOST GIRLY EYES THAT A MAN COULD HAVE??!?! :)) kidding Neal, you have awesome manly Chinese eyes:))

Oh and when I got home I saw this:)))))) Look at ze pig:)) Cute, no?'s my yaya's fault, she placed the wayfarers there. Silly yaya:))

Oh and to top it all off, I have my usual failures. I WAS AN EPIC FAIL TODAY. I remembered my friend Wisdom's birthday, but I forgot my close friend's birthday which was today as well:( I am such a bad friend, I SUCK SOOOO BAD:(( And then THE MOST EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY... I didn't pass the publication org. It must've been my interview:|

I am an epic fail.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

This is what happens to people who don't gas up...

This is what happens to people who don't gas up...This is what happens to people who don't "feed" their get... STRANDED.

"OH shit, di ko natancha yung gas ko" says Nino ("Oh shit, i was not able calculate my car's gas") but just so you guys know... the car's gas light thingy was already blinking RED, which means its eating up the reserved gas, if you don't know what that red light means. So we called up our Momma to send some help...


Our savvior comes to our aid holding 5 Litres of gas, who knew that was 5 litres, right? Oh, and notice how the gas looks pink/red like a Gatorade drink:)) YUMYUM!!!

So we pop the cap

Tries to put in some gas...

It just won't work....


Oh and that's when the push happens by the way, after popping the hood. :)) And VOILA!!!

Lesson learned. Never leave home with a tank that's almost empty.