Thursday, July 9, 2009

OK...I Bet They're Expensive...

Could Imelda Marcos be any cuter here? I have nothing else to say. CASE CLOSED. =))))))

Recently I've been digging on some hats. I luuurrrrvvveee theeemmmmm =)) I think bowler hats are my fave but I can't find the damn time to wear them. If I wear my bowler hat, I'd end up looking too over-dressed. :| But in the olden times, they wear it why can't I? :< :(( thing to obsess about. (well, not really obsess on but, "crave" for. hahaha)

THIS KARL LAGERFELD T-SHIRT IS TOOOOOOOO DDDDDIIIIIIEEEEEEEE FFFFFOOOORRRRR!!!!!! *DROOLZ* I want one soooo bad right now, and it can only be bought in GREYONE SOCIAL so, you bet your ass it's goddamn expensive!!!!! And I don't think there's a size out there for me...but I soooo wanna check it out:<>

Next up to drool upon is this Yves Saint Laurent shirt that I just lalalaLOVE!!! :)) I saw it before and I just admired it...not sure if it really IS YSL or just some brand that used Yves' face...but no matter what, I still want one.

I then thought of making one of my own, since the first one I did using textile paint wasn't that bad(I may post a picture of it). But then I thought, what kind of medium should I use to make one? Is there a marker that would last a lifetime(even after being washed a dozen times)? Textile PAINT would surely just be a mess...but then I thought of using stencil and spray paint....the next question then pops in my head. Would a spray paint last a lifetime? :((

I am having so many dilemmas but I really want to make one on my own:<

Suggestions anyone???? :D

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