Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Oh just a normal day....

Soooo....NEALNEALNEALNEALNEAL =)) My friend Neal just winked at me, doesn't he have THE MOST GIRLY EYES THAT A MAN COULD HAVE??!?! :)) kidding Neal, you have awesome manly Chinese eyes:))

Oh and when I got home I saw this:)))))) Look at ze pig:)) Cute, no? hehehe..it's my yaya's fault, she placed the wayfarers there. Silly yaya:))

Oh and to top it all off, I have my usual failures. I WAS AN EPIC FAIL TODAY. I remembered my friend Wisdom's birthday, but I forgot my close friend's birthday which was today as well:( I am such a bad friend, I SUCK SOOOO BAD:(( And then THE MOST EPIC FAIL OF THE DAY... I didn't pass the publication org. It must've been my interview:|

I am an epic fail.

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