Tuesday, July 28, 2009


She is freakin AWESOME!!!! I LOVE HER!!! Her name is Emmanuelle Alt, The Fashion Director of French Vogue. Look at her Editorials and you'll see that she is a genius!:))

Her style is another thing that's amazing about her. She usually wears black and white and yet you never get tired of her. She rare;y smiles in photographs but she looks so awesome!!!

Here she is with Hedi Slimane <3

With her boss, the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF OF FRENCH VOGUE, Carine Roitfeld <3
They look like sisters don't they? So cute!!!

She has amazing legs!!!! I go green with envy!!! LOLS

She doesn't dress her age, but she still pulls it off! I want to be like her when I get old! I must start filling my wardrobe monochromatic colors=))

The photo on the right is when she was in Chanel, and she was shot by The Sartorialist <3

You can't help but admire the girl. I want to meet her someday=)) But for now...I must learn how to speak french!!! =))

Starting with my blog!!!

"ces't la vie, cerise" means "That's life, cherry" in case you guys don't get it...that's my url :))


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