Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Stuck in Moment

Shoes: Purple "boxing" shoes;Puma. Faux "Ray-Ban" glasses
Stuck in the LRC with my friends Trixie and Maddie. I still don't wanna go home, but my mind tells me to get up and leave...K.

Last Sunday, I went to Greenhills Mall to get my guitar fixed because the strings broke and its been covered in dust under my desk... -_- It's been left alone for three? Two? Months??? :O

I feel sorry for the guitar and I now miss him. HAHAHA.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Day

To those who don't know, today is Father's Day here in the Phils and so I am bound to greet you an AWESOME Father's Day to your daddy-yo's!!!!! :))

But right now that ain't my focus at the moment...working right now...NEXT to my hamsters:))

LOVELOVE to you all!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Lords of Dog Town

This photo is courtesy of Garance Dore who went to the HQ of NYLON for an interview. Now, because off this photo, I now want my own dog=)) CUTE aren't they??!?!?

Friday, June 5, 2009

What I Saw When I Went To School Today...

On the way to school via LRT... I saw this man wearing an awesome shirt of THE CLASH!!! I dunno if he knows their songs and I have a huge feeling he doesn't=)) But who am I to judge, eh? So, who knows? Maybe he is a fan of The Clash, if so...then he is an awesome dude. Very seldom do you see a man who loves music that's...hmmm..."vintage"? :)) oh well...I must also say that I was scared as hell using my iphone out in the public while walking the streets of Manila but I just had to take the photo!!! It's like there's a magnet that was pulling my hand!!!

In this photo... I have a blockmate whose name is Mik. *EVERYONE MEET MIK!!!* Though we are not that close nor have I spoken to him in no more than a sentence or two(or even less...) I had the guts to ask him if I could take a photo of his outfit because... I just simply love it!!! =)) Forgive me for not asking the "break-down" off his whole outfit since I was a bit hesitant to ask him while he was on his phone. Anyways... I just love everything... very good ombination with the tie and the shoes. And as usual...I can never resist loving an outfit that is topped off with some Ray-Ban "clear" glasses. I just love that to death!!! :))