Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gossip Makes It All Better.

Brace(Guitarist, bassist, and keys) Beth (Vocals) Hannah ( Drums)

Meet Gossip. An American band that I really love. They were the one comforting me when I was an epic fail yesterday sooo....Thank you Beth Ditto!

Beth and Hannah are lesbians. Yes, Hannah is the one on the right, and YES that person is a girl. Who knew, right? :)) But they are an awesome band, awesome live. I saw them in Fashion Rocks and I think they played for either Chanel or Christopher Kane:>

And I warn you, google them or Beth and you'll see her naked...which makes her such a kick-ass person, and she eats squirrels:)) SERIOUSLY. SHE DOES. :O But she looks like a kind person, check out her interviews in youtube:>


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