Friday, July 24, 2009

Ok. UKAY day today. :D

My day started nicely because I saw my friend Marianne when I was about to drop off at Vito Cruz. We made beso-beso and I went off to SDA. Then when I got to SDA I worked on my drawings and I saw this man enter the LRC who was wearing an awesome blazer. I couldn't help but check out his outfit (resulting to the photo up above, sorry, my reflexes are slow. HAHAHA) See that man on the upper left side of the photo above, that's him with his awesome blazer.

Next was BIBSTUD(Bible Study) and Cham wanted to try my fake glasses so I lent it to her. She looks nerdy/geeky but VERY CUTE might I add:))
THEN WITH LUCK ON OUR SIDE/ Rainbeau's birthday! Sir Nuguid, our Algebra teacher was ABSENT!!!! =)) I jumped for joy when we found out:> So we went to the plaza in CSB Main to eat some pizza that Rain bought for us.

Here's Patmai and Maddee...I liked Maddee's outfit by the way...I love it with the aviators. THEN, Marga and I waited for like an hour and a half for MARA to COME OUT!!! 8-| hehehe...Then off to UKAY-UKAY(thrift store?)

Mara said she didn't understand what was written on this certain shirt that she found...and when she raised it, Marga and I panicked. It was a Comme des Garcons t-shirt. But then Marga checked the tag and had doubts...then I checked it, then I had doubts...then I said to check the spelling of the shirt and Marga agreed that it was a false alarm:))

Look at Mara(photo above holding the shirt) looking so confused=))

When I got home, I got these... :>

An awesome "tweed" jacket (at least I think its a tweed jacket)

I love the colors of the collar and sleeves...which kind of (for me) reminded me of Fred Perry
You may not see it in the photo but IRL, this photo reminded me of Balmain:> Except, WAY CHEAPER AND LESS REVEALING LIKE THIS ... I like the medals...but when I got home, I realized THAT it wasn't that worth it. :|

AND this when I get to have my longboard na...hopefully I will remember to wear this when I first ride my very own longboard:> *drools*

All in all, I spent 650 for all of these shirts. Whaddya think? Was 650 worth it for all these shirts?


  1. 1. Sir Nuguid din pala kayo!!! :-o
    2. I met Patmai kanina!
    3. Yes, that one's very Fred Perry :-))
    4. I like the medal shirt :-))

  2. 1.) YEAH!!! LOLS. The first time I met him(in class of course) I realized that he was the JACK BLACK you were talking about!!! =))

    2.) YEAH I REMEMBER THAT!!! :)) I met GENO!!! He's a cute one! :))

    3.) Yes, Indeed it is.

    4.) really? :)) YAY!