Friday, July 10, 2009


Here is a photo of one of my favorite bands, The Horrors. Check em out if you want to:>Well, my friend Rainbeau's outfit yesterday reminded me of them. Check my friend Rainbeau(yes, Rainbeau :)) ) out sporting an awesome bow tie:> its not really a bow tie, more of a DIY bow tie, hehehe. (Photo down below)

See what I mean about the bow tie thing? :>

He's sporting a shirt of what I think is an American Eagle, I dunno, I'm just guessing:)) The photo up above is Rainbeau and my friend as well, her name is Diane. :D Her bkouse kind of reminded me of Balmain and the shoulder pads. (Check out the shoulder pads yo, its quite awesome:O)

And here's Charmaigne...she's a shy person but she's an awesome friend:)) Oh, and there's David in the background...hehehe.

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