Monday, July 6, 2009

Some Japanese Magazine:>

A few weeks back, my brother's girlfriend/ ex-girlfriend (ok. whatever) brought over to our house a Japanese Magazine. She showed it to me since she knew I love fashion magazines and stuff and I really appreciate it (Shout out to Yeni, if you ever read this, THANK YOU!!!)

I then quickly opened the magazine. Realizing quickly that it was from Japan (since there are Japanese characters in it, doi!) I then started reading the magazine from right to left. Every turn of the page was just amazing and the clothes were MARVELOUS:))

My eyes were happy once I reached the middle of that very thick magazine:)) And another thing I loved about that mag is that they featured Agyness Deyn. ( Which easily showed that it was an old issue, since there were still some statment shirts from Henry Holland and Agy modelling it.)

Anyways...I just lovelove the issue especially the models off the catwalk and just wearing their normal clothers. Here are some photos so you'd see it:>

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