Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Palanca For My Best Friend!!!

This entry is for my best friend! She asked for one and I'm giving her one:> This photo above are my friends when we were young(second year). We look so "nene" here...and yes our group(right) is called the Tapa Girls:)) *sigh* I miss that...and our "rivals" (not serious bout the rivalry part) is called Threesome. hehehe.
That's my best friend Joyce (right, nearest girl in the photo) :)) She is one hell of a friend because whatever I tell her, she listens AND she comforts AND we've been friends since we were in Grade 4. I can tell her anything and she tells me anything.

We ALMOST like the same things and whatever faults I have, she doesn't care, she tells me what to do to make it better. She never judged me for who I am or what I do. She is a kind and awesome person who always (and NEVER fails) to make me laugh. She is one girl who loves to dance to party music, but never wants to drink or smoke(WHICH IS DEFFINITELY A GOOD THING!!!)

Oh. And her dad was my dad's classmate in UE which is awesome!!! :))

ILY Joyce!!! IMY TOO!!!! I hope you had an awesome Recollection!!!

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