Monday, January 11, 2010

An Adventure That's Not Really An Adventure.

So, a few days ago, me, Mara, and Wis decided to go on an adventure. We didn't have a car to go to places so we decided to commute. Here's Mara's first time in the Araneta Cubao platform and Wis was our guide. :))

Here's Mara surviving the LRT commute and we arrived safely sa Mcdo. Wis wanted to trike but I said it was just near, which I will still say that IT IS. :))
Here's Wis surviving the "LONG" walk.
And while waiting for Andrea, some old schoolmates of our were there and offered to buy a cookie for 25 pesos. Julia and Sab Abis was there and there was no other option than to buy a cookie from her. We couldn't say NO daw. 8-|

But the cookie was yummy naman daw, so not bad.

When we saw Andrea, she couldn't find us in the little Mcdo of Katipunan and we were laughing at her for that. We then decided to go to Ateneo since Andrea had to pass something daw and we saw Danica Duguran and she had to meet up with Mau.

When we entered Ateneo, the guard and I had eye contact.(which obviously shows that we are guilty) But then we pretended we didn't hear him when he tried to stop us. :))

We sort of got lost kasi naman, Andrea took us to a longer way than to a short cut. It was her school pa naman, tsktsktsk. She has no sense of direction :))

Then we had to leave for the sale in Shang so we had to go out. We refused to go out of the same way we went in because the guard tried to stop us but we didn't stop..sooo we decided to trike our way out of Ateneo.
Mara sat sa "baby chair" ng trike. :)) Then we went to Bo's Coffee and waited for Wis' (I dunno) boyfriend? Or whatever their relationship may be and Mang Rodel came to the rescuuueee!!! :)) We went to Shang for the sale but I didn't like anything so Mara was the one who bought something sa The Gap. :| :)) And Mara and Mang Rodel took us home. :)


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