Wednesday, February 3, 2010

In the light of the sun, is there anyone? Oh it has begun...

My hamster died this morning...I never knew until I checked on them a few minutes ago. Only one hamster was left in the glass aquarium-ish and at first, I thought my yaya was just cleaning them...but I had a bad feeling.

So I asked yaya where Sibby was and she said "Patay na. Kaninang umaga pa" and at that moment I didn't know if I should cry or not...I wanted to cry but I bet my yaya would think I'm crazy coz she was already staring at me after she said that.

They say that when animals die, they save you. They save you from something bad that's supposed to happen to you. But instead of something bad happening to you, your pets either get sick or die. That's why some Chinese folks keep an arowana or an arapaima fish, for good luck and things like that. :<

My brothers buried him this morning in front of our house. I will miss him. :( He was already acting weird a few days ago and my brother Bong and I had a feeling he was sick. He barely moved when I touched him which is really weird because he doesn't like it when someone touches him. He likes to bite kasi, that's the difference between Twix and Sibby, the other one bites and the other loves it. :|

Maybe that's why I've been having dreams about death lately... :/ I hope he's okay now...Next stop...Hamster Heaven!!! Or get reincarnated or something, don't really know. (Ask God.)

PS. I couldn't find an awesome picture of that'll do until I find a cool one. Or not. :|

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