Sunday, April 5, 2009

All-Time LOW :|

Well, i never saw this one coming... I am at my all-time low and i've never felt anything like this before.

I was, shall we say, drained to the bone. I have lost my lust on wearing something 'cool'.
Was it because of my hormones, maybe. my period is coming up so that could be a reason.
Or could it be that i have just lost it? The love for wearing things in a fashionable manner...If that's the case then i am scared.

I no longer think of the future, what my attire should look like when i get out, I prefer going out with t-shirts and jeans that are worn..."NORMALLY" (DUNDUNDUUUUNNNN!!!) GAH, WHAT HAVE I BECOME????

Or could it be that i'm just having the "mean reds"??? In that case I need to do something. If Holly Golightly goes to Tiffany's for a "pick-me up" session, i need something too.

What better way to cure the "mean reds" than to go on a shopping spree:)) that would cheer me up. Now, if only i had the money...:))

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