Monday, April 6, 2009

The List

I've created a list of the things that I would like to buy this summer. Unfortunately, I am not born into a wealthy family. :)) All I can do now is dream... :))

-dresses(yes. DRESSES)


-New guitar strings(i'm just waiting for my old ones to snap)


-sandals(yes, its summer, my feet just can't take the heat of the sun. LOLs)

-Skirts(yes, SKIRTS as well. I just feel like it)

-shorts(Coz all of my shorts are overly worn EVERY SINGLE WEEK:)) )

-New lens CANON(50mm, just coz I want to)

-Unipins(coz its either I lose them or I don't have an ink anymore)

-Hats(some jason mraz hat would do justice for a cool summer ;) )

-Vans (high cut whatever or not, anything would be fine, basta orig.)

-New football(coz mine is stuck on our roof and i can't reach it)

-Fred Perry shoes! ;)

-a cool bag for summer(one that would fit all of my necessary belongings :)) )



-cool necklaces

-cool sneakers

-cool vintage finds

-a rare and awesome book

-Kurecolors(for my drawings)

-lens cleaner

-any camera accessory

-mountian/old school bike


-longboard:> (i'll figure using this one out when i get one)

*DONATIONS are very much appreciated. :)) LOL. Kidding. Although... I might just consider it if you are willing;) =))

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