Monday, April 13, 2009

Gone with the wind

LOL, that could be me someday=)) kidding. That's Gail Devers who is said to be one of the greatest women runners

My brother is cconcious with his body lately because a.) he has a girlfriend b.) he's going to bora in a few weeks (i think) and one faithful and boring day, he invited me to go jogging with him inside their campus. So I said yes to give it a try and not be a couch potato all day long:))

That night, we went to the campus and I jogged with my two brothers. I jogged my ass off that night=))

The next day my body ached the moment I woke up from my deep slumber due to jogging of what seems to be almost 8km.(my brother estimated) I've had two other "sessions" and I repeatedly died every TIME 8-

But today, I decided to take a path on my own and leave my brother and my Uncle to go have their own route. We parted ways and decided to meet up after a round of a jog where we parked.

Surprisingly, I didn't die this night:))

The only thing that I heard was my footsteps hitting the streets of Ateneo and my heavy breathing which seems to be making a good beat inside my head:)) Oh and the voice in my head that kept me going and wanting more...

My brain kept telling me, "My enemy is myself" O_O Whut?! did I just say that?!?!?!

Ikr? Unbelievable but it did work :D LOLS. I had a blast this session and I hope to have more fun:))

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