Thursday, July 22, 2010

I Have Finally Given The Second Generation Skins Cast Some LOVIN!

Though I still have much love for the first cast, CASSIE *coughcough* oh and SID :))
I have started to love the second gen when I started watching Season 4. I have started to give some respect for Cook but my faves so far are Emily and Naomi. =))))

YES, those two. I love their relationship coz it's not TOO fucked up...if ya know what I mean. *EFFY FUCKED UP COUGHCOUGH* So yeah... Cook is ayt now but he's too much of a rebel/wreck for me, but don't get me wrong, he can be good sometimes so he's got my sympathy. Effy and Freddie, their relationship (as far as I am in season 4) is like going downhill coz Effy is so fucked up on drugs and alcohol. JJ is...well...JJ being all coockoo and shiz but he can still be cute at times, yeah?. Thomas and Pandora, well I used to like them but now I just hate Thomas after what he did to Panda *feeliing close ako* =)) Katie is just, not my type, argh...kaasar siya grabeh and...I guess that' I missing anyone else?

:'> Kilig talaga ako for Emily and Naomi.:))

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