Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stumbled Upon.

So, later na muna for the continuation of my Michael Cinco photos beacuase apparently, I don't have time to edit them since I have school. For now, I give you a blog that I stumbled upon via tumblr.

The blog is called Knighttcat and as I was about to close the tab, the header of the blog caught my attention...

DARIA WERBOWY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Who could say no to some of that?! Hahaha. We all have to admit, she IS HOT. So I googled her name and found out how to pronounce her name and discovered that you say it like this: Dariya Verbova

Now we know, don't we? Just so you know, from my very anonymous source(wikipedia), she is from Ukraine. WOW. *drools at her*

ANYHOOO, so after seeing the header, I decided to check the blog out. As my mom would say "Wala namang mawawala eh", so I took my time scrolling downwards and found the blog very interesting. This bag got to me. It's the bag that sold the blog to me. When I saw the bag I knew I had to put Knightcat on my "Blogs to Follow" list.

This is an editorial from zippora seven and bambi northwood-blyth
by bec parsons via tfs

This one is from Evil Twin. I love it!!! It reminds me of Fashiontoast aka Rumi Neely who has awesome fashion taste!!! I LOVEEE HERRR. Lately she's been inspiring me which is weird coz I never really liked Bohemian shizzz (which I think is her style) mixed with some rock and roll shiz. Oh and another thing I love about her, she is the only one who can pull off the headwrap thing sooooo AWESOMELY!!! :)))

All photos from Knighttcat.

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