Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gleeeeee!!! :))

Glee! The new show that's been giving buzz to everyone in the US(i presume) and we are all loving it! ETC(the channel) is surprisingly (and sadly) gonna show it just a few episodes late from America. Which is lucky for those who rely on just waiting to discover things on tv (mainstream shiz 8-|) no offense tho. I used to be one of them:)) But then I realized, knowing ahead is better. I dunno why, but it is:>
This is the cast of the show Glee. Picture this, HSM meets Friday Night Lights meets errr i dunno, some other inspiring teen movie all in one series:)) The songs are AH-MAY-ZING! :)) Rachel(girl in the middle/lead actress in the series/ also known as Lea Michelle) has some voice there and she's putting it to good use:>

And what's cool is that they have awesome songs. Some are old like Don't Stop Believing by Journey(but they made a good cover out of it) and some are new like the cool version (with the fierce voice of Lea Michelle) of Take a Bow by Rihanna.

You hafta watch it! :> If not download, then ETC :D

PS. I have most of the songs in my ipod na:))

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