Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm just a poor girl, nobody loves me. PHOTO 37

Uniqlo shirt (Ukay), Topshop pants with zippers on the hem "?", Puma shoes from HK visit. :)
Photo-op FAIL! Notice how my surroundings are focused but I ain't. :)) SUCKS. HIRAP KASI MAG-TIMER!!! I need a remote na talaga, MaJOR!!!

Today was awesome 'coz I was such a rebel. You wanna know why????? COZ I SKIPPED A CLASS!!!:)))) Anyhoo, I ended up eating at my friend Eggy's place and I slept there until she had to leave for her class. (WHICH WAS THE ONLY REASON WHY I HAD TO GET MY ASS OUT OF HER BED :)) ) But, t'was fun. Hung out with Monica too and once again made stupid, useless, meaningless vids. =))

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