Tuesday, June 29, 2010

So last night was Japan-Paraguay night.

Oh, Hello there sexy. =))

So last night, I was able to watch the game between Paraguay and Japan. I was rooting for Japan since they were the last Asian team in the competition. The game was suspense and tight but none scored a goal given the Extra Time and all, so the referee called for a PENALTY SHOOTOUT!

It was such a nail-biter from the last 15 minutes of the game up to the end of the penalty shootout. I was up on my seat (couch) and I was cursing all the while. Good thing I was alone downstairs or else I wouldn't have been able to release all the suspense I had been feeling! Anyhoo, the penalty shootout came and I could not believe Yuichi Komano missed the goal!!! I was all like..."NOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

He will forever hate himself for that. Tsktsktsk. Anyhoo, notice the guy in the photos that I posted? Ain't he soooo gwapo? I noticed him a lot coz of his I dunno, blonde/golden hair? :)) But he was sooo sexy and hot and cute! In the middle of the game, I noticed that he's really gwapo and from then on, I'm like...Go Hondaaa!!! Go Endoo!!! =))

Anyhoo, the game was amazing but dull (haha, labo) because no one scored. :/ SAD. But the penalty shootout was just...Argh! But oh well, everything happens for a reason I guess. :(

Now, where can I get a Honda t-shirt?

Photos from Zimbio.com and google. :)

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