Monday, May 11, 2009

Credit Crunch

That's me. Trying out a longboard.... kidding. That chick is too sexy to be me:))

Ever had the experience of having your hands tied behind your back? (no, not literaly LOLS)

What I meant was wanting to do something but you can't because of some inexplainable reason :|

Ok, my problem is having no money when it is time for me to buy lots of things. When my pocket was "full" I didn't want anything, but when I had a looooooonnnnnggggg list of what I want to buy...all of a sudden, everything in my wallet vanishes.

Why o why cruel world should you take my money away from me when I need it the most?!?!

Not long ago that I created a list of things to buy once I have graduated High School... I now regret doing that. I am broke, my hands are all tied up(not literally mind you), and I AM FLAT OUT BROKE:((

I need to look for an income. But school is coming up and it is just not right to look for a summer job anymore. So I will stay broke, be patient, and know that money will come back to me just like a boomerang.

I will get that longboard that I have been "craving" on and (seriously) dreamed of for 2 straight days...

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