Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I Screwed Up :|

Garance Dore's illustration

My Garance Dore version illustration

I was inspired by one of Garance Dore's illustrations and so I tried to make a version of mine.

I drew it last May 10,2009 and today I tried putting on colors using my Kurecolor markers...and I'm hating myself for doing that coz I screwed it up:|

I shall post the "screwed up" version of my illustration. I am warning you that it is sooo screwed up that it looks hideous. I am also NOT very good at using Kurecolor markers. I have given you a warning and you shall see the "screwed up version once I am done screwing it =))

If you would like to see Garance Dore's other illustrations AND STREET PHOTOS... click here

Just so you'd know Garance Dore is/was (I don't really know the current news) the girlfriend of Scott Shumann also known as THE SARTORIALIST click here if you'd like to see his AMAZING photos.

I am a fan of theirs and I read their blogs and check them out everyday :))

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