Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dr. Martens

Look carefully at those Dr. Martens (In the first "box") that the girl, Jun Di is wearing

And in this one as well, I loved how she wore the Docs with her school uniform which is also awesome! (last photo, lower right)
Agyness Deyn wearing Dr. Martens as well

I just can't help but notice(AND count) how many Dr. Martens does Agyness Deyn have? She's got different kinds of color!!!! And I am loving how she wears it.

I remember during the 90's (when I was young. really young like 6 or 9) that in Rustan's there was a rack/section filled with Dr. Martens.

I hated it. I didn't like how big it looks on someone else's feet. I thought they were HIDEOUS... That was THEN...Now it's different.

My craving for Dr. Martens just began recently... I went into my mom's room and she was watching some Korean series entitled "Boys Over Flowers". I instantly got hooked because of the clothes that they wore. I then noticed the shoes that the lead actress Jun Di was wearing. She didn't just wear the shoes, she wore them with STYLE!!! :))

Then I remember seeing LOADS of photos of Agyness Deyn wearing Dr. Martens... These two people Jun Di(fiction name) and Agyness Deyn made me want to wear DR. MARTENS :))

I want my own Dr. Martens...I hope I can find one here in the Philippines


  1. Ang perfect ng hair nung guy sa 1st picture. :))

    Nikki, use Tumblr. :>