Saturday, December 26, 2009

2 Filipino Movies in a Row. (PHOTO 22)

I have watched two movies in a row, but not just any movie, a Filipino movie. WTEF?!? :)) Yes, I know right?

The first one was Mano Po 6 (Yes, it has reached up to the 6th part) and on the second day we watched Shake Rattle and Roll (wait for it..) ELEVEN!!!! =))))

IKR?! WTF?! S, R, and R 11?!?

And later, I think my family is planning to watch the movie I Love You, Goodbye. Which would be the third consecutive filipino movie I would be watching before the year ends!!! I must say it is a record!!! :))

Well, anyways, SUPPORT FILIPINO MOVIES! (?) :))

These shoes that I bought in Hong Kong is awesome, no? The brand is unknown coz I just got it somewhere in the streets of Hong Kong and I only got it for like the equivalent amount of 500 Philippine PESOS. :)) Quite a bargain I think? :)

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