Friday, December 25, 2009

HO three times. (PHOTO 21)

It's Christmas day everybody! And as weird as it may sound...I can't feel anything at all! I have become numb. But anyways, that's what I wore when we had the family reunion. In my bag was the awesome book of Scott Shuman. It's an awesome book, I'm glad I bought that book, even if it costs 1050 pesos.

My brother Bong, I loved his outfit that day! We all had to dress up coz it's Christmas day and we had a reunion. It reminded me of Ne-yo but it really suits him. I loved the hat, and his jeans fit him perfectly.

Here's some brotherly love! :)) My brother Bong and Nino. :) Notice that both of them are in black, its kinda weird that it's Christmas and they are in black :))

My brother Nino trying on my faux Ray-Ban glasses.

(photos courtesy of my Canon Rebel Xti I took the photos. :) )

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