Tuesday, December 8, 2009


OK. I am cheating my 365 days project. This photo was taken a week before my birthday..but oh well jose. OH AND THIS PHOTO IS FOR YESTERDAY:))


I had awesome with Patmai, Cham, Rainbeau, Nina, and Eggy!

We went to Rockwell to go do some window shopping and I ended up buying a Nylon Magazine of Blake Lively on the cover (November 2009 America Issue). Eggy bought a cute cardigan and Nina ended up buying a polka-dot case for her Mac.

We went every cool store in Power Plant except for Zara though :|

Then we ate at Mcdo where I made libre to them all...That's where we saw Teen, Pam, and the other guys, actually they saw us. Then it was time for us to leave when AWESOME MOMENT NUMBER 1 HAPPENED!!!


We were saying farewell to Teen, Eggy, Nina, and Kevin when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, Rainbeau had tripped over Patmai's shoes!!!

It was a movie moment no one expected could have happened. It was like The Matrix had just happened where Rainbeau tripped... IN SLOW-MO!!!! AND. He went down on all fours if ya know what I mean ;) =)) BTW. The security guard was there right in front of him and he was laughing too!!! =)) HILARIOUS MOMENT!!!

So after laughing non-stop at what happened to Rain...we went to the first floor to return to the place where we got off by Patmai's awesome driver named -YOU'LL NEVER GUESS WHAT HIS NAME IS!!!!------- ALE *WAIT FOR IT************************************************
JANDRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =)))))))))

THAT'S RIGHT FOLKS! PATMAI'S DRIVER'S NAME IS ALEJANDRO!!! =)))) We found that out because of Eggy's condo/dorm (whichever).

I said: "Oooohhhh...so that's Orlando (name of dorm/condo of Eggy) it rhymes with... Alejandro!

Driver said: "Ui! Last name ko yun ah!"



Ok..so we were on our way there and we saw this man that looked like Sir Salas, our Comski teacher, and all of a sudden... I shout out loud "SHIT!!!" and all of them looked down and SCREAMED!!! =))

They looked down kasi I looked down as well. I looked down kasi naman I thought I forgot to get my Nylon mag from Eggy yun pala Beau has it all along. =)))))))

The look alike of Sir Salas was also shocked when I said shit! and Patmai screamed OMG coz she thought there was a cockroach=)))) Rain literally leaped coz he thought there was a cockroach as well..and so did Cham yata=))))))))))

OH AND AFTER THAT. We went to Glorietta and Landmark..and went home!!!

I got home using the MRT and LRT!!! =)) I was scared coz I might get lost but I got home safely :)) Except my feet was aching na. AND THAT WAS OUR AWESOME DAY!!! =))

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