Saturday, December 12, 2009

My sketches and drawings and ramble shiznits..

I'm planning to make a new shirt and this is the design that I want to make. Got this one kasi from the Contributing Editor eh and I thought it was cool so I drew it. Next time you see it, it'll be on a shirt :D

I made a "doodle" of Zac Efron...A fail on his scruffy face... so nevermind that. Copied his face from the Nylon Guys issue.

This guy I drew when I saw him inside the elevator of my school's building. He was soo cute I just had to draw him. Will I ever see him again? Definitely...maybe? :))

These are just some sketches I made...

Wanted to draw a chow-chow but obviously, it was an epic fail. :))

PHOTOBOOTH!!! Cool photobooth at my friend Ana Zamora's debut! :)

UH...sorry Andrea for being there in the middle :)) I couldn't decide where to put that one photo eh.

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